Former Student

For the beginning years of my education, I attended a private school: the Canandaigua Montessori school. This experience with the hands-on study style, (mostly) child-lead-learning, and individual tutelage, combined with absolutely incredible teachers, changed my life and the way I see education. The Montessori school to which I went was far different than a regular public schoolhouse. We truly learned and internalize concepts we taught ourselves through play and structured curricula. I loved school; every day was literally a new adventure. My peers and I actually developed an appreciation for education! Of course, Montessori wouldn’t be the amazing experience it is without the teachers, Mrs. Robinson in particular. These educators provided a safe place in which to learn and ask questions. In addition, they helped inculcate values and skills we, as the students, would find useful later in life. In short, the Canandaigua Montessori establishment changed my life fundamentally for the better. Please consider attending this place of education; you won’t be disappointed.